Monday, August 7, 2017

Nautical Compass Wedding Programs

Nautical Compass Wedding Programs from Concertina Press
These beautiful nautical compass wedding programs go perfectly with my popular Navy Compass Wedding Invitations. I designed them from an antique wood carving of a nautical compass rose that sailors would use when navigating the sea.

Contact me if you are interested in these pretty programs for your nautical wedding and have questions, or you can order them straight from my site.
Nautical Wedding Programs from Concertina Press for your beach wedding

I love all the extreme detail of each point on the compass, as well as the nautical abbreviations for referring to the wind speed and direction. For example "S.S.W." means "South by South West" (and I bet you thought that was just a music festival in Austin!).
These have a flexible design and I can change the wording to accommodate your ceremony at no additional cost.
Nautical Wedding Invitations in Navy and White with Compass Rose by Concertina Press
Navy and White Nautical Compass Wedding Invitations
Nautical Thank You Notes in Navy and White with Compass Rose by Concertina Press
Nautical Compass Thank You Cards in navy and white

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Cape Cod Town Table Numbers for Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner or Party

Cape Cod Town Name Table Number from Concertina Press
 If you're having your wedding on Cape Cod, a really cute alternative to regular table numbers is to name each table after a town on the Cape. I designed these two styles of Cape Cod table numbers to match my classic Cape Cod Wedding Invitation - but they would be great for rehearsal dinners or parties with seated dinners. Each one has a heart over the town so that your diners can learn a little bit about Cape geography. I also have matching Cape Cod place cards too! The table cards are professionally printed on heavy lightly textured card stock and I hand-layer them to be double-thickness, and they are double sided, so they're visible from both sides.
Cape Cod Town Name Map Table Card from Concertina Press

Cape Cod Town Name Chatham Table Numbers for your Wedding from Concertina Press

Cape Cod Town Table Numbers for your Wedding or Rehearsal Dinner  - Chatham from Concertina Press
  You can use wire holders like the kind pictured above, or monkey's fist knot table card holders, or shell or coral photo holders.

If you're interested in the cute and eye-catching Cape Cod table numbers for your wedding, check out these listings on my website (you can also contact me if you have any questions):

These are the towns available as table cards for your wedding or party on the Cape (*asterisk shows most popular choices:)
Dennis Port 
East Harwich 
Harwich Port* 
North Truro 
South Dennis 
South Yarmouth 
Woods Hole*

Turnaround is usually about 1 week, but allow extra time during the busy summer and fall wedding season.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Provincetown Wedding on the Schooner Hindu

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the wedding photos from one of the couples who ordered my Cape Cod save the dates for their beautiful wedding in Provincetown aboard the Schooner Hindu. These photos were taken by Eileen Meny Photography and I can practically smell the sea breeze just looking at them! Be sure to head over the Eileen's website for more photos:
Cape Cod Save the Date for a Provincetown Wedding from Eileen Meny Photography Cape Cod Wedding aboard the Hindu Schooner boat Photo by Eileen Meny Photography
Cape Cod Provincetown Wedding Pedicab from Eileen Meny Photography
Cape Cod Wedding Provincetown aboard Hindu Schooner from Eileen Meny Photography
Cape Cod Wedding Provincetown Weddign aboard Hindu Schooner from Eileen Meny PhotographyCape Cod Wedding aboard Hindu Schooner from Eileen Meny Photography
Cape Cod Wedding on the Hindu Schooner from Eileen Meny Photography
Wishing Virginia and Avery all the best! Thanks for sharing your photos of a gorgeous and memorable day!
Photography: Eileen Meny Photography, Save the Dates: Concertina Press, Getting Ready Inn: Lands End Inn Schooner: Hindu Schooner Hair/Makeup: Snip Salon Dress: BHLDN by Yoana Baraschi Suit: Bindle and Keep Virginia’s Shoes: Seychelles Avery’s Shoes: Frye Catering: Cosmo Flowers: Wildflower

If you're interested in save the dates or invitations for your Cape Cod wedding you can always visit my website  or contact me. Here are some related blog posts you'll be interested in:


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cape Cod Guest Book Alternative with Map - Now in Bigger Sizes!

Alternative Cape Cod Guest Book Poster from Concertina Press
I've been thrilled at the response I'm getting on my Cape Cod Alternative Guest Book Poster! The thing I love about it is that it's so nice to walk by a piece of beautiful framed art in your house and look at all the loving messages written by your friends and family. If you're having a bad day, how could it not get better after reading the sweet messages left by grandma, or your best friend. Plus, you can customize it with a little heart over the town where you're getting married! These posters make a great Cape Cod wedding gift for couples getting, too.

When I first unveiled the design I only offered an 11"x14" size, but in response to requests from couples getting married all over the cape I now offer larger sizes of 16"x20" and 18"x24". You can get a relative sense of the size in this mockup below:
Cape Cod Alternative Guestbook Sizes
Here's where you can find it in my shop: Cape Cod Alternative Guest Book Poster

I have these recommendations for what size to order:

11x14 - up to 100 guests
16x20 - 100-200 guests
18x24 - 200-300 guests (contact me for larger sizes)

Not all of your guests will sign the picture (usually only one member of a couple or family will, for instance) so the best thing might be to pick the size that will look best in your house, if you're having a hard time choosing between two sizes.

I used to work as a Custom Framer, and so as a result I made sure to pick common poster frame sizes so you can have some options when it comes to framing (custom framing isn't cheap! framing a poster this size would cost $XXX) and you can hopefully find an off-the shelf frame that will look great. Here are some nice ones I found on Amazon, if you don't live near a craft store that carries larger frames:

Another great way to upgrade your finished poster is to buy a higher-quality sheet of glass (I actually recommend Acrylic for 16"x20" and larger, which looks like glass but won't shatter if you drop it) for $30-$50 at your local frame shop (they'll probably try to talk you into custom framing...) or online. Look for glass or acrylic that "blocks UV rays".

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Curlew and Sandpiper Wedding Invitations for Lovebirds who LOVE birds!

Curlew and Sandpiper Wedding Invitations for Lovebirds who LOVE birds - feather detail - from Concertina Press

These Seabird Wedding invitations feature a striking Curlew - well known for its long, curved bill, and the nimble Sandpiper, who can be seen skittering along the beach just out of reach of the waves! I live in Florida near the beach, and one of my favorite things to do is take a walk along the shore and look at all of the migrating seabirds that come through - skimmers, terns, ibis, gulls - all different and gorgeous! If you're having a wedding on the beach, and you and your special someone love birdwatching, look no further than these beautiful bird-themed invites.

Curlew and Sandpiper Wedding Invitations for Lovebirds who LOVE birds - with addressing - from Concertina Press
 These would be great for a beach wedding, or a wedding at the zoo  - one of my customers used this beautiful seabird invitation for their wedding reception that took place at the McNeil Avian Center in the Philadelphia Zoo! If you're interested in these wedding invitations you can contact me with any questions, or to ask for a quote, or you can purchase a sample on my website: Sea Bird Wedding Invitations.

Also, I just had to share this little nugget of information I read on the McNeil Avian Center website:
Our bird keepers do more than just feed their charges—they work closely with many of the birds to train behaviors that help us take better care of them, like stepping on a scale voluntarily so we can monitor weight. But using the same principles, keepers can cue birds to show off their fascinating natural behaviors. Watch a hammerkop add a stick to its giant nest, or you might be there when a hornbill catches insects or a grape out of the air.
Curlew and Sandpiper Wedding Invitations for Lovebirds who LOVE birds - from Concertina Press

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Striped Bass Wedding Invitations Are Perfect for East Coast Weddings

Striped Bass Wedding Invitation set with RSVP from Concertina Press
Where I used to live on Cape Cod, fishing for Striped Bass was super popular in the summertime.  I originally created these Striper invitations on a special commission  - for that deluxe version of the invitation, I did a navy backing layer, and a waves liner in the envelope, along with a double sided RSVP postcard. In the interest of making the invite more affordable, I did away with the navy backing layer, and instead put the waves on the back of the invitation. That way, if you want a waves liner (+$1) or layering (+$1) that could be a special add on, but you'd still get the look of the fish, waves, and double sided RSVP. If you're interested in ordering these Striped Bass Wedding Invitations click here or contact me  through my website if you have questions!

Striped Bass Wedding Invitation from Concertina Press
These nautical Striped Bass wedding invites are perfect for your wedding on the East Coast - the Striped bass likes to migrate from the Hudson Bay, Delaware River, Chesapeake Bay up to Cape Cod, so these would be perfect for your wedding in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia or Maine. I can also modify them to make Striped Bass rehearsal dinner invitations or birthday party invitations.
Striped Bass Wedding Invitation from Concertina Press - double sided with waves
If you don't need wedding invitations, but you love the look of this fish, check out these blank striped bass notecards - the perfect gift for a fisherman!:
Striped Bass Notecards - Perfect Gift for A Fisherman from Concertina Press


Monday, February 27, 2017

Flying Fish Wedding Invitations For Your Destination Wedding To Barbados

Flying Fish Boho Beach Wedding Invitations from Concertina Press

If you're taking the leap together, celebrate in style with these lovely Flying Fish Wedding Invitations - or should I say taking the plunge? Although they look totally imaginary, flying fish are real! They don't "fly" in the same way that birds do, by flapping their wings - instead they propel themselves out of the water at a high speed and spread their "wings" (actually front fins) open to glide. In Japan in 2008 a film crew recorded a fish gliding for over 45 seconds! That's a long time to hold your breath! They can travel up to 43 miles an hour doing their swimming glides.

These flying fish invitations are great for any beach wedding, but they would be perfect for your destination wedding in Barbados! While Flying Fish are found in oceans all over the world, Barbados is known as "the land of the flying fish" and the fish is found on their one dollar coin.
Flying Fish Wedding Invitation and RSVP set from Concertina Press

Look at how beautiful the white sandy beaches are in Barbados, along with the turquoise blue water - they would be a great backdrop for your boho wedding on the beach. Many hotels in Barbados offer wedding package deals for destination weddings. If you're interested in ordering Flying Fish wedding invitations for your beach wedding or destination wedding, you can click here to order a sample or put down a deposit.
Boho Beach Wedding Invitations with Flying Fish from Concertina Press
Flying fish RSVP cards from Concertina Press

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