Friday, August 1, 2014

Red Coral Wedding Invitations for a California Beach Wedding

I love snorkeling, and coral reefs were my inspiration for this red coral wedding invitation. Created from a collage of antique coral illustrations from the 1800's this beachy wedding inviation is perfect for a destination wedding. This couple was married in Manhattan Beach, California on my birthday! What a lucky day :)
If you're interested in purchasing a sample, follow this link : Coral Reef Wedding Invitations, or if you're interested in a quote, contact me.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Curlew Wedding Invitations for a California Coastal Wedding in Green and White

Curlews and sandpipers can frequently be seen on the California coast - these Curlew wedding invitations appeal to birders and beach-goers alike! Usually this invite comes in navy and white - you can see it here: Curlew Bird Wedding Invitations, but I made special variation on the wedding invitation for this west coast couple getting married in San Luis Obispo. If you're interested in these sea bird wedding invitations for your wedding, contact me for a quote!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Octopus Wedding Invitations for a Fall wedding near Huston, Texas

Octopus wedding invitations for a wedding in Texas by Concertina Press
Octopus wedding invitations for a wedding in Texas - the couple decided to get their save the dates, invitations and octopus thank you notes all at once so they could ship together. This is one of my favorite designs, and it combines an antique scientific drawing of an octopus with an elegant script font and aqua envelopes, perfect for any beach or aquarium wedding! (I think this particular wedding, near Huston, Texas was neither, but that's ok, since it's very near the Gulf!)
Octopus Save the Dates for a Fall wedding in Texas by Concertina Press
Nautical Wedding Invitation Packaging
Octopus wedding invitations - great for aquarium weddings - by Concertina Press
red crab sticker

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vintage Modern Martha's Vineyard Map Wedding Invitations

Martha's Vineyard Map Wedding Invitation by Concertina Press
I created these Martha's Vineyard map wedding invitations for a couple getting married in Edgartown. I love the combo of vintage and modern, and the navy, white and gray color scheme is perfect for a vineyard wedding with a clambake reception. 
We included a clambake card with a lobster on it to show guests where to go, and also to explain what a clambake is (it's a big seafood dinner with clams, lobsters, corn and chowder, traditionally all "baked" in the sand with hot coals, but now more often done outdoors on the grill). 

If you're interested in this invitation for your own Martha's Vineyard wedding, contact me for a quote!
Martha's Vineyard Wedding Invitation by Concertina Press
Clambake Dinner wedding enclosure card with lobster by Concertina Press

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Octopus, Seahorse and Sand Dollar Nautical Thank you Notes from Antique Scientific Illustrations

Wedding season is nearly upon us and that means I'm mailing out lots and lots of nautical thank you notes to go with my wedding invitations! Below, you can see my octopus, seahorse and sand dollar thank you notes  and they all have a matching wedding invitation, too! I made them using antique scientific illustrations. (you can see how I designed the sand dollar one here)
Octopus thank you notes by Concertina Press
Seahorse Thank You Notes by Concertina Press
Blue Sand Dollar thank you notes by Concertina Press

Monday, March 31, 2014

Pink Medusa Jellyfish Wedding Invitation Video Preview from Concertina Press

This is my first attempt at a little instagram video of my NEW pink medusa jellyfish wedding invitation.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Using Washi Tape instead of Packing Tape

using washi tape instead of packing tape when shipping packages
 "Washi" is a Japanese word meaning "Paper" - so "washi tape" for those of you who don't know, is simply "paper tape" - this thin, decorative masking tape is popular on Pinterest, and I love it because it comes in so many colors and patterns. It used to be that you could only get it at an asian stationery store. Now that it's "caught on" I can get it at office depot -  there's even Martha Stewart washi tape on Amazon.

So! I must have about 30 rolls of the stuff - in an effort to use it up, I've been taping up my shipping boxes with it instead of using packing tape. Alone, it's not quite strong enough for a large or heavy box, but what I do is I trim the half-page shipping label (I get these inexpensive labels from Amazon) so that it's tall and narrow, and the edge wraps over the side of the box, making a stronger seal at the top and bottom. It's a tuck-top box, so it's already pretty sturdy anyway.

And there you have it: washi tape instead of packing tape - as a bonus, you didn't use any plastic while you were making the packaging, so it's all recycleable or biodegradable.

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