Friday, July 29, 2016

Tropical Fish and Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations

Parrotfish tropical wedding invitations from Concertina Press
I recently learned to scuba dive, and it was just as amazing as I imagined it would be underwater! A little scary at first, but I was quickly distracted by all the amazing fish and coral on the sea floor - and so inspired to create new nautical wedding invitations for Concertina Press - here's me diving around a shipwreck:
Florida is a popular breeding ground for sea turtles, and in my beachside community we use special light shades on the street lights closest to the beach so the baby turtles won't be confused when they hatch, mistaking the streetlights for the moon, and crawling in the wrong direction. We also have a 24 hour rescue hotline for sea turtle standings!

These Sea Turtle wedding invitations are the perfect fit for your beachside wedding, and they have red coral RSVPs, and optional sea star information cards. 

Sea Turtle Beach Wedding Invitations from Concertina Press
packaging with gold and white striped tissue paper and tropical fish postcard from Concertina Press


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nautical Notecards Make Great Gifts

nautical boxed notecards from Concertina Press - sailing ship pufferfish lighthouse and seahorses
So many nautical note cards! In addition to wedding invitations, I also have a booming business of wholesale notecards - you can see which stores I sell in here on this map - if you're a shop interested in carrying my notecards, you can contact me and I'll send you a line sheet! If there aren't any shops near you, don't worry, because I sell these online too -
nautical sailing ship notecards in navy and white by Concertina Press

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Yacht Wedding Invitations

Nautical Sailboat Wedding Invitations for a yacht club wedding by Concertina Press
Having your wedding on a yacht is such a memorable and fun experience for your guests (and you!), and since creating several boat-themed wedding invitations I've been happy to see in increase in customers who are getting married on all types of boats, from the Yellowstone Paddlewheeler in Texas, to the Freedom Elite Yacht in Pennsylvania to the Yacht Starship in Florida. One of the benefits to getting married aboard a yacht is that often they will have all inclusive dinner/event packages - no need to plan the catering or rentals, because it's all included! Also, with such large boats sailing in protected rivers or bays you don't need to worry about seasickness either because they're more stable than a smaller sailing vessel.

If you're interested in my yacht wedding invitations, you can purchase them on my website (links below), and of course if you have an questions, please contact me!

Nautical Wedding Invitation with a sailboat for sailors by Concertina Press

Sailboat Wedding invitation featuring antique oil paintings of merchant ships perfect for a beach wedding

RSVP with sailboat painting for a nautical wedding

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Jellyfish Save the Dates and Jellyfish Wedding Invitations

These Jellyfish wedding invitations were just right for Meg & Robert's Outer Banks wedding in North Carolina, and also for Crystal & Eric's seaside wedding waaaaaaaay out in Hawaii, practically on the other side of the world! When you're having a destination wedding it's always a great idea to send out save the dates 1 year to 6 months in advance of your invitation, that way your guests will block out your wedding date on the calendar and have time to make wedding plans. If you're interested in purchasing either of these jellyfish invitations for your wedding, you can do so on my website, and of course you can always contact me if you have questions!
Jellyfish wedding invitations for a beach wedding in Hawaii
Haeckel jellyfish wedding invitations by Concertina Press

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Octopus Wedding Invitations, Seahorse Save the Dates and Seashell Thank You Notes for a Florida Wedding

Octopus Wedding Invitation for an Aquarium Wedding from Concertina Press
I created this pretty set of Octopus wedding invitations, seahorse save the dates and seashell thank you notes for a beach wedding in Florida using old scientific illustrations (here's an example of how I design them). Many of my wedding customers are marine biologists or divers who want to include their love of the ocean in their wedding invitations with something a little different from the usual beach wedding invitations. 

I love the ocean too, having lived in Woods Hole on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (home of several great marine biology and oceanographic institutions) for 7 years, and now living in sunny coastal Florida. If you're interested in ordering any of these for your wedding, they're available on my website through the links below - of course you can always contact me if you have any questions!

seahorse save the date from Concertina Press
spiral seashell Thank You notes from Concertina Press

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Perfect Invitations for Your Destination Beach Wedding

Aqua Compass Wedding Invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding
Probably more than half of my customers are having a beach wedding - I was married on the beach myself, on Cape Cod. But what if you're feeling more tropical? Having a destination wedding in the Caribbean or Dominican Republic can be a great way to get some sun, have a beautiful vacation, and get married, all in one go! Also, for couples hoping to keep their ceremony smaller and more manageable, destination weddings can be a good option because the logistics are a little bit trickier. It can be nice in those cases to have a post-wedding reception once you get back home so that everyone who couldn't make it to you destination wedding can celebrate with you.

I have many beautiful options for destination wedding invitations
here are the links, pictured from top to bottom:
(special request in aqua - I can do this version at no additional cost)

And of course, if you have any questions or if you'd like a quote, feel free to contact me.
Jellyfish wedding invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding

Seahorse Wedding Invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding
Wave Wedding Invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding
Wave thank you notes perfect for a destination beach wedding

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sea Turtle Aquarium Wedding Invitations

These sea turtle wedding invitations are perfect for weddings at an aquarium with their colorful coral, and a pair of happy turtles swimming through the water. For the set above we added a small insert card for the couples honeymoon fund, with a website link and a short explanation of how the guests could (optionally) contribute to the fund online in lieu of wedding gifts. If you'd like to order these for your beach wedding, visit my website: Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations. (PS they'd pair nicely with my seahorse and coral notecards!)
cute seahorse notecards, blank notecards with envelopes for writing notes, perfect beach wedding thank you notes by Concertina Press
Cuttlefish and Crab Nautical Packaging

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