Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seahorse Wedding Invitations made from Antique Scientific Illustrations

This dull brown seahorse illustration was given new life as a pretty beach wedding invitation
People are often curious how I create my nautical wedding invitations and ask if I draw the pictures - the answer I jokingly give is "if I could draw that well, I'd be working as a scientific illustrator". Although I can draw (this illustrated Octopus Miniature Book is a good example) I created my stationery business Concertina Press to highlight the beautiful old out-of-copyright scientific illustrations hidden away in biological volumes in scientific libraries like the MBLWHOI library, where I used to work. 
See the story behind these seahorse wedding invitations and the scientific illustrations they were made from
This seahorse wedding invitation is a great example - as you can see in the top photo, the original scientific plate was old and yellowed, and as far as I can tell, originally in black and white. Using the computer, I digitally restored the seahorses, adding a little artistic license by making them aqua colored, and collaging them with the sea-moss prints you see below. Now they're perfect for a Florida beach wedding! If you're interested in ordering these for your wedding, you can visit my website to purchase a sample, or contact me for a quote. 

these sea moss illustrations were turned into vibrant beach wedding invitations by Concertina Press

Click here to see more stories behind my nautical wedding invitations and how they're made.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alternative Guestbook Map for your Cape Cod Wedding

An alternative guestbook for a Cape Cod wedding from Concertina Press
So excited to offer this fun alternative guestbook for your wedding on Cape Cod! I created an 11"x14" print of this gorgeous antique map of the Cape, based on my very popular Cape Cod Save the Dates and Cape Cod Wedding Invitations so that your guests can sign their names and well wishes around the map, and you can frame it to create a lovely keepsake that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come.

Originally I had thought of offering it in a frame, but there are SO many places that sell frames, like Target, Pier One or Michaels (even better if you use your 40% off coupon that they usually have online!) that I figured that

1) it would be great if you could pick your own frame to match the feel of your home, whether it be a cool modern city apartment in Boston or a cozy seaside cottage on the Cape

2) it would be significantly more expensive to ship a heavy framed piece, not to mention more breakable.

So instead, you'll get a print shipped to you in the mail, the map is digitally printed is on lovely archival 100% cotton rag paper and is customized with your name, wedding date, town and an optional heart over the town! Once you buy a frame, you can leave the glass out at the wedding so people can sign it, and then when the wedding is over, add the glass back in to create an instant heirloom keepsake from your wedding.

"Ok!" You're saying - "how do I get one of these awesome guestbook maps for myself??" Simply visit my online shop and follow the ordering instructions in the description:

Alternative Wedding Guestbook With Cape Cod Map

Map of Cape Cod that wedding guests can sign as an alternative to a guestbook made by Concertina Press

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jellyfish Wedding Invitations for a wedding in Kauai Hawaii

Haeckel Jellyfish Nautical Wedding Invitations by Concertina Press
These jellyfish wedding invitations were the perfect match for this couple's beach wedding in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii at the Hanalei Bay Resort (note to self: definitely want to visit!) Usually this invitation comes with just a RSVP card and aqua envelopes, but we added in an extra info card about the reception and with a link to the couple's website. 

Aqua Jellyfish Invitations for a beach wedding made from 200 year old marine biology illustrations
The original illustrations were drawn by famous German naturalist Ernst Haeckel, and are now in the public domain (out of copyright). I used to work in the science library at an oceanographic institute for marine biologists, which is where I first saw these gorgeous illustrations and thought "I definitely have to make wedding invitations with these!" (probably not many people think that when looking at jellyfish, haha - but they're so beautiful.)
If you're interested in Jellyfish wedding invitations for your beach wedding, check out my website for samples, or contact me for a quote!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Niagara Falls Wedding Guestbook

This lovely Niagara Falls wedding guestbook is available in my bookbinding etsy shop. I made it with vintage nautical charts of the Niagara River and I sewed it with a type of bookbinding technique that allows it to lie completely flat when opened, called Coptic stitch. This special way of putting a book together makes it perfect for guestbooks, so guests don't have to hold the book open with one hand. There is only ONE of these available, so get it while you can!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sailing Ship Wedding Invitations for your Nautical Nuptiuals

I'm so excited to show off my latest nautical wedding invitation design - Merchant Ship Wedding Invitations. Last year I had several requests to create wedding invitations based on those beautiful 18th and 19th century oil paintings of ships that you see in places like the Peabody-Essex museum. When I lived in Cape Cod there was a long history of sailing there, and there was even a bar called the Nimrod that had a cannonball hole in the bathroom that was from the Revolutionary war! If you're getting married in a historical area like New England or a little further south in Annapolis Maryland, these sailing ship invitations are great nod to the history of the place and your guests will love the classic look.
Are you interested in ordering some for your wedding? You can contact me, Ruth, the designer and owner of Concertina Press directly for a quote (just let me know how many you need) or you can purchase a pre-printed sample on my website first, so you can see the paper and print quality.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seahorse Wedding Invitations with Aqua Envelopes Perfect For a Beach Wedding

Seahorse Wedding Invitation with starfish and aqua envelopes perfect for a beach wedding

I'm proud to present my newest design - beautiful beach wedding invitations featuring seahorses! The bright aqua, coral and orange colors on these nautical wedding invitations will go perfectly with any destination wedding. We could also do them with coral or yellow envelopes for a more tropical look. 

You can buy a sample here: Seahorse Beach Wedding Invitations
or if you're interested in a quote, contact me with the number you're interested in ordering and I'll get back to you within a day or two!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Octopus Wedding Invitations - unique beach wedding invitations with aqua envelopes and matching thank you notes

Octopus Wedding Invitations - unique beach wedding invitations with aqua envelopes by Concertina Press nautical stationery
These octopus wedding invitations are so fun, mixing the fancy classic look of cursive font with the strikingly beautiful and unusual octopus antique scientific print at the top of the invitation. These wedding invites are perfect for a cephalopod-loving couple and I've made them for folks getting married at aquariums, getting married at the beach, and for one landlocked couple in Ohio because they were having an undersea theme wedding and wanted something memorable!

Speaking of offbeat, these have been featured on the awesome wedding planning blog Offbeat Bride
I also have matching octopus thank you notes available for sale in my online shop. 
If you're interested in making a splash with these octopus wedding invitations at your under the sea wedding, contact me for a quote or buy a premade sample on my website!

beautiful octopus thank you notes made in Florida from antique scientific illustrations

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