Friday, March 20, 2015

Octopus Wedding Invitations - unique beach wedding invitations with aqua envelopes and matching thank you notes

Octopus Wedding Invitations - unique beach wedding invitations with aqua envelopes by Concertina Press nautical stationery
These octopus wedding invitations are so fun, mixing the fancy classic look of cursive font with the strikingly beautiful and unusual octopus antique scientific print at the top of the invitation. These wedding invites are perfect for a cephalopod-loving couple and I've made them for folks getting married at aquariums, getting married at the beach, and for one landlocked couple in Ohio because they were having an undersea theme wedding and wanted something memorable!

Speaking of offbeat, these have been featured on the awesome wedding planning blog Offbeat Bride
I also have matching octopus thank you notes available for sale in my online shop. 
If you're interested in making a splash with these octopus wedding invitations at your under the sea wedding, contact me for a quote or buy a premade sample on my website!

beautiful octopus thank you notes made in Florida from antique scientific illustrations

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cape Cod Map Wedding Invitations in Navy and White with a Separate Private Ceremony Invitation Enclosure Card

Wedding season is in full swing, and one of my favorite designs for a summer wedding on the Cape are my Cape Cod wedding invitations featuring a navy antique map of the famous Massachusetts peninsula drawn in 1891, paired with a light gray compass printed onto textured white card stock and layered on a navy backing. My inspiration came from living on the Cape year-round for 11 years - I  lived in Bourne and also in Falmouth near Woods Hole which is where I first started my stationery business before moving to Florida to help out my family. I have lots of fond memories of the cedar shingled houses, and I was married on the Cape myself, in Falmouth at Quissett Harbor.

 In the photo above, a couple were having a private wedding ceremony at Fisher Beach in Truro on Cape Cod before a big wedding reception that everyone was invited to. I made these custom insert cards with a closeup of the Outer Cape with a heart over Fisher Beach that they could tuck into their larger reception invitations for the handful of people who were invited to the ceremony.
Wedding Invitations for Cape Cod with Vintage Map in Navy and White
stack of priority mail boxes
If you're interested in ordering invitations for your Cape Cod wedding, contact me or you can purchase samples from my online shop of lots of different nautical wedding invitations.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nautical Compass Wedding Invitations for a Kennebunkport Maine Wedding in Navy and White

Nautical Compass Wedding Invitations for a Kennebunkport Maine Wedding
My navy nautical compass wedding invitations were the perfect fit for this coastal Maine wedding this past June in Kennebunkport. You might remember that Kennebunkport was where President George Bush Sr. would always go for his summer vacation. Kennebunkport is a charming New England fishing village with a lot of history and it's very popular in the summertime for folks escaping the heat. I used to go up to visit friends in nearby Higgins Beach and always enjoyed a tasty lobster roll when I had the chance!

We printed these invites on a bright white paper as opposed to the off-white bamboo stock they usually come on so that they would match the white envelopes that I addressed with digital calligraphy.
Nautical Compass RSVP with number attending wording - part of a set from Concertina Press
Navy andwhite nautical compass thank you cards from Concertina Press

Interested in compass wedding invitations for your nautical wedding? You can purchase a pre-printed sample on my website, or contact me for a quote.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Mermaid Wedding Invitation

Mermaid Wedding invitation by Concertina Press with original mermaid illustration by Sarah Ryan

I'm so excited to unveil this gorgeous mermaid wedding invitation, a special collaboration between me and Sarah Ryan from SarahDrawsThings - I first saw this gorgeous mermaid drawing on her blog, where she posted some really cool preliminary drawings. I wrote and asked her permission to license the illustration for use in my own work, and was glad that she was as excited about the project as I was!

This mermaid wedding invitation would be perfect for a beach wedding, but I was also thinking it would be a pretty birthday party invitation for a sweet 16 or anyone who loves the ocean. If you're interested in ordering these, you can purchase a preprinted sample on my website: Mermaid Wedding Invitation, or contact me for a quote.

You can purchase an archival print of Sirena the Mermaid from Sarah's Etsy shop here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Must Read for DIY Wedding Invites - The Quickest Way to Line Envelopes With Envelope Liners

DIY Tutorial The Quickest Way to Line Envelopes With Envelope Liners - a must read for DIY wedding invitations

As a professional wedding invitation designer, I've had to add liners to my fair share of envelopes (it's gotta be in the hundreds!) so I thought I'd share my tip for doing envelope liners quickly and efficiently so that folks who are doing DIY wedding invitations could save a bit of time! The real secret is using a double sided adhesive - NOT a glue stick or glue dots. Keep reading below for more directions on the quickest way to line envelopes:

Scotch ATG Tape Roller - the secret to DIY wedding envelope liners

Essential Envelope Lining Tools:

Ok so what you need to do is fan out your liners on your work space (make sure it's nice and clean!), then starting from right to left apply the tape just on the exposed strip of the liner - this might work better if you do it in batches of 5 liners, then you can just line them up like in the picture below

Separately open up all of your envelopes and put those in a stack, too - be careful not to crease them as you open them. 

Then grab a liner, slide it in so that the sticky part is at the top, just under the adhesive on the envelope, and press down gently to adhere it to the envelope. 

Finally, crease the envelope using a bone folder for a nice crisp edge.

If you're printing addresses onto the envelopes, remember to do that BEFORE you put liners in them!

Hopefully these tips will help you do them much faster than if you did each envelope one at a time or finding that all your liners are coming off of the envelope because you used a glue stick. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun! You'll find yourself looking for any excuse to do a lined cards, thank you cards, electric bill...the possibilities are endless!

Must Read for DIY Wedding Invites - The Quickest Way to Line Envelopes With Envelope Liners

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cape Cod Save the Dates with map and additional info card with a tiny anchor

Cape Cod save the dates with map and an additional info card with a tiny anchor for accommodation details

I made this Cape Cod save the date for a couple getting married in Harwich who wanted to include an extra information card for their out of town guests to remind them to book early since hotels in Cape Cod fill up fast, especially during wedding season.

They also had a section on their website where guests could RSVP online, which was a good idea to get an early general headcount. I designed the additional info card to have a tiny navy blue anchor floating in a gray nautical compass, a motif I continued for their wedding invitation. The Cape Cod map had a tiny heart over the location of the ceremony in Harwich Port.

If you're interested in ordering Cape Cod save the dates for your wedding, contact me for a quote, or you can purchase a pre-printed sample to see the paper and print quality.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

4th of July Pre Wedding Picnic Invitations in Purple

Purple is the theme of the day here! I made a cute set of custom 4th of July picnic invitations for a couple getting married in Connecticut. Before their wedding they wanted to have an informal get together with their guests, so they had a pre-wedding picnic. 

Often the reception can feel rushed for the bride and groom, who spend the whole time trying to connect with all of their guests - having a pre or post wedding event like a BBQ or Bruch can be a great way to say hi in a more casual setting.

Below that, we have a picture of a cute way to package stationery - I had some extra pieces left from a nautical chart and used them as a belly band around the stack of envelopes and tied them off with a bow made from navy and white striped baker's twine.

If you're interested in ordering some party invitations, feel free to contact me!

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