Thursday, May 26, 2016

Octopus Wedding Invitations, Seahorse Save the Dates and Seashell Thank You Notes for a Florida Wedding

Octopus Wedding Invitation for an Aquarium Wedding from Concertina Press
I created this pretty set of Octopus wedding invitations, seahorse save the dates and seashell thank you notes for a beach wedding in Florida using old scientific illustrations (here's an example of how I design them). Many of my wedding customers are marine biologists or divers who want to include their love of the ocean in their wedding invitations with something a little different from the usual beach wedding invitations. 

I love the ocean too, having lived in Woods Hole on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (home of several great marine biology and oceanographic institutions) for 7 years, and now living in sunny coastal Florida. If you're interested in ordering any of these for your wedding, they're available on my website through the links below - of course you can always contact me if you have any questions!

seahorse save the date from Concertina Press
spiral seashell Thank You notes from Concertina Press

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Perfect Invitations for Your Destination Beach Wedding

Aqua Compass Wedding Invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding
Probably more than half of my customers are having a beach wedding - I was married on the beach myself, on Cape Cod. But what if you're feeling more tropical? Having a destination wedding in the Caribbean or Dominican Republic can be a great way to get some sun, have a beautiful vacation, and get married, all in one go! Also, for couples hoping to keep their ceremony smaller and more manageable, destination weddings can be a good option because the logistics are a little bit trickier. It can be nice in those cases to have a post-wedding reception once you get back home so that everyone who couldn't make it to you destination wedding can celebrate with you.

I have many beautiful options for destination wedding invitations
here are the links, pictured from top to bottom:
(special request in aqua - I can do this version at no additional cost)

And of course, if you have any questions or if you'd like a quote, feel free to contact me.
Jellyfish wedding invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding

Seahorse Wedding Invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding
Wave Wedding Invitations perfect for a destination beach wedding
Wave thank you notes perfect for a destination beach wedding

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sea Turtle Aquarium Wedding Invitations

These sea turtle wedding invitations are perfect for weddings at an aquarium with their colorful coral, and a pair of happy turtles swimming through the water. For the set above we added a small insert card for the couples honeymoon fund, with a website link and a short explanation of how the guests could (optionally) contribute to the fund online in lieu of wedding gifts. If you'd like to order these for your beach wedding, visit my website: Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations. (PS they'd pair nicely with my seahorse and coral notecards!)
cute seahorse notecards, blank notecards with envelopes for writing notes, perfect beach wedding thank you notes by Concertina Press
Cuttlefish and Crab Nautical Packaging

Monday, February 1, 2016

Nautical Valentines with Otters and Whales and Fish, oh my!

You otter be my Valentine - cute card from Concertina Press

Don't you love getting a handwritten note from your special someone? I'm not going to wax poetic about "These days with texting, blah, blah, blah" because to be honest, I love texting. HOWEVER, I think the prevalence of online communication just makes a handwritten note from your sweetheart that much more special, even if your handwriting has suffered terribly from excessive computer communication. It's the thought that counts!

I have several cute nautical Valentine's Day cards in my shop ready to be shipped to you - and if you're a store owner and you're interested in carrying my cards, please contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

Whale you be my valentine - cute funny Valentine's Day card from Concertina Press
inside text - there are so many fish in the sea, I'm glad that you chose me

Friday, October 23, 2015

Cute and Colorful Lobster Christmas Cards

Cute and colorful Lobster Christmas cards from Concertina Press
It's that time again! Christmas card season - I know most people like to communicate through text or email (myself included, most of the time) but there's something really special and fun about receiving a Christmas card in the mail. You know I can hardly send a card design to print without some kind of pun-tastic saying inside, right? These funny nautical lobster Christmas cards say "Wishing you Lobstah joy this holiday season!" inside. So cute! You can purchase them on my website: Lobster Christmas Cards.
nautical christmas cards from Concertina Press

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cape Cod Save the Dates in Gray and Navy Perfect for your Cape Cod Wedding

I had a special request this summer for a bride getting married in Chatham for Cape Cod Map save the dates in navy and a soft, dove gray. I absolutely love how the colors came out, and they’re perfect for a classic and timeless wedding, especially if you think the regular design with the navy envelopes doesn’t quite fit your theme. If you’re interested in ordering light gray Cape Cod Map save the dates for your wedding, feel free to contact me with the number you’re thinking of ordering and I’ll be happy to give you a quote as well as more information about the ordering process.

  Don’t forget to check out my reviews! I know speaking from my own experience that I love the convenience of ordering online, but also want to be assured that if I’m making a large and important purchase that I’m dealing with the right person: visit my reviews page  to see what past clients have to say about working with Concertina Press.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Watch this amazing video of an Octopus escaping from a jar!

These navy octopus wedding invitations were the perfect match for Nicole & Christopher's wedding at the New England Aquarium in Boston. I remember visiting the aquarium for my friend's birthday a couple years ago - I absolutely loved watching the octopus, and the aquarium even provided toys for him, including legos that he could pull apart, and a rubik's cube. Check out the octopus below escaping from a jar to give you an idea of their cleverness and dexterity:

If you're interested in ordering Octopus wedding invitations, too, you can visit my website to purchase a sample, or contact me for a quote. Ruth
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