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These Jellyfish Invitations Are Perfect For Your Aquarium Wedding Reception or Ceremony

Jellyfish Wedding Invitations and Thank You Notes for an Aquarium WeddingOne of the most beautiful and memorable wedding venues out there is at the Aquarium! These Jellyfish wedding invitations I designed really set the tone for your aquarium wedding or reception.  Imagine you and your special someone framed by the huge tank, having your wedding under the sea! Not only is the setting naturally beautiful, your guests will also have a fabulous time looking around at the exhibits.

Below is a beautiful custom wedding program I designed for a couple getting married at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California that included a map of the floor layout so that guests could easily see which exhibits were open to them during the reception. (if you're interested in having me make this program for you, don't hesitate to contact me via my Concertina Press website):

Monterey Bay Aquarium Wedding Program with Jellyfish and Map from Concertina Press

Nearly every aquarium has a beautiful jellyfish room - here's a photo I took at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa showing the beautiful backlit jellyfish exhibit:
On my Aquarium Wedding Pinterest board I've found many gorgeous examples of couple getting married at the aquarium - I love this shot of the bride and groom sitting in a round window in front of one of the tanks at the North Carolina Aquarium in Kure Beach, NC - this is the same aquarium where the couple in the Jellyfish wedding invitations pictured up top were married. I am absolutely in love with this round window - you can put your head inside and feel like you're totally underwater! :
Wedding at North Carolina Aquarium
Aquarium Wedding in California - Birch Aquarium at ScrippsTop: North Carolina Aquarium Wedding| Photo Credit: Thirteenth Moon Photography LLC)
Bottom: Scripps Birch Aquarium in San Diego | Photo Credit: True Photography)

I'm always happy to work with couples who are getting married at the aquarium - some of my favorite wedding invitations are those I've created using 200 year old scientific illustrations. If you're planning an aquarium wedding I think you'll enjoy these posts, and you can also contact me directly with any questions you might have or visit my Concertina Press Etsy Shop or Concertina Press Website for samples:


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