Monday, May 30

Free Antique Moth clipart images!

"Zickzackspinner" (Notodona Ziczac)

Lots of people ask me where my imagery comes from - while I'd love to say I drew it all, in fact most of my imagery comes from antique botanical or biological drawings. These are gorgeous images that have been hiding out inside of field guides and scientific journals for a hundred  fifty years, and now thanks to the ability to scan files, can now be unearthed and given new life!

I found several gorgeous plates of butterflies and moths from a German field guide and I want to share them with you (yes, for FREE)! I cut out the one above using photoshop magic (Click here to see it full size), unfortunately you'll have to do that for yourself on the moths below, but you could also print out the page and cut them out by hand for handmade cards, scrapbooking or multimedia projects.

You're welcome to link to it on your blog or facebook or wherever - I'd love a link back if you do. follow my blog to see the other plates I have, that I'll be posting next week!

to download: click on the image above, then right click on the full sized image
and select "save image as" or drag and drop it to your desktop.

Here are all of the other moth names typed out for your enjoyment.

1. Kleines Nachtpfauenauge (Saturnia Pavonia) male
1a. Kleines Nachtpfauenauge (Saturnia Pavonia) female
1b. same moth above as a caterpillar
2. Nagelfleck (Aglia Tau)
3. Schelflugel (Drepana Falcataria)
4. Schlehendornspinnerchen (Cilix Glaucata)
5. Gabelschwanz (Harpyia Vinula)
5a. Raupe (caterpillar of #5)
6. Zickzackspinner (Notodonta Ziczac)
7. Mondvogel (Phalera Bucephala)
8. Rosenvogel (Thyatira Batis)


  1. Anonymous02:22

    Gorgeous - Thanks so much!

  2. These are amazing! Thanks from your latest blog follower!


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