Friday, May 27

Cuttlefish - Chameleons of the Sea!

Concertina Press - Cuttlefish Wedding Invitation

These Cuttlefish Invitations are one of the most popular items in my Etsy shop which I think is great because when I created themI wasn't sure if other folks would share my enthusiasm for a cephalopod-themed wedding invite. However - when you see a video like this one, you can see why Cuttlefish are one of the coolest creatures in the ocean!

Why are cuttlefish so cool? because they can more quickly camoflauge themselves than any other animal known - it is so amazing watching this little guy EXACTLY match the ocean floor - it looks like a trick or some CG animation - did you see that little guy turn into a rock?!

Concertina Press  -  Cuttlefish Wedding Invitation with Coral RSVP
Here's another video of an even bigger one - I gotta admit that I probably wouldn't want to encounter this one in the ocean - he goes from being brown and spotty to blue in an eyeblink (or maybe white, and it just looks blue because of the ocean)

Neat! Have you ever seen one in real life?


  1. Those clips are AMAZING!! My girls and I enjoyed them, thanks!

    Gorgeous invitations :-)

  2. thank you Tammy! I know, I think I watched each video at least three times - they're so amazing!

  3. Cool, I love the was they blend in like that. Not just change color, but get under the sand and all. My little cat can only hide under things that are brown-orange, and even that makes him hard to find.


  4. My cat is brown orange too! with a white belly - it means the only time she's really camouflaged is when the leaves have fallen off the trees and there's a little snow on the ground.


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