Thursday, May 21

Seahorse Wedding Invitations made from Antique Scientific Illustrations

This dull brown seahorse illustration was given new life as a pretty beach wedding invitation
People are often curious how I create my nautical wedding invitations and ask if I draw the pictures - the answer I jokingly give is "if I could draw that well, I'd be working as a scientific illustrator". Although I can draw (this illustrated Octopus Miniature Book is a good example) I created my stationery business Concertina Press to highlight the beautiful old out-of-copyright scientific illustrations hidden away in biological volumes in scientific libraries like the MBLWHOI library, where I used to work. 
See the story behind these seahorse wedding invitations and the scientific illustrations they were made from
This seahorse wedding invitation is a great example - as you can see in the top photo, the original scientific plate was old and yellowed, and as far as I can tell, originally in black and white. Using the computer, I digitally restored the seahorses, adding a little artistic license by making them aqua colored, and collaging them with the sea-moss prints you see below. Now they're perfect for a Florida beach wedding! If you're interested in ordering these for your wedding, you can visit my website to purchase a sample, or contact me for a quote. 

these sea moss illustrations were turned into vibrant beach wedding invitations by Concertina Press

Click here to see more stories behind my nautical wedding invitations and how they're made.

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  1. Love it! The before is great so you can see the amazing changes you made with the colors and adding the details surrounding the seahorses. I didn't realize it was where you worked that gave you the inspiration! Very cool.


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