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Alternative Guestbook Map for your Cape Cod Wedding

Alternative Guest Book Map for your Cape Cod Wedding

Map of Cape Cod Alternative Wedding Guest Book 

So excited to offer this fun alternative guestbook for your wedding on Cape Cod! I created this gorgeous antique map of the Cape, based on my very popular Cape Cod Save the Dates and Cape Cod Wedding Invitations so that your guests can sign their names and well wishes around the map, and you can frame it to create a lovely keepsake that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. The order process is very easy, and you'll get to see a digital proof to see how it'll look before it's printed (and make any changes if needed).

 Cape Cod Guestbook Poster for your wedding in different sizes

Unframed for more Flexibility

Originally I had thought of offering it in a frame, but there are SO many places that sell frames, like Target, Pier One, or Michaels that I figured:

1) It would be great if you could pick your own frame to match the feel of your home, whether it be a cool modern city apartment in Boston or a cozy seaside cottage on the Cape.

2) It would be significantly more expensive to ship a heavy framed piece, not to mention more breakable.

So instead, you'll get a print shipped to you in the mail, the map is printed with long-lasting archival ink on 100% cotton rag paper (NOT poster paper, which will yellow and fade in just a few years!) and is customized with your name, wedding date, town and an optional heart over the town. Once you buy a frame, you can leave the glass out at the wedding so people can sign it, and then when the wedding is over, add the glass back in to create an instant heirloom keepsake from your wedding.

"Ok!" You're saying - "how do I get one of these awesome guestbook maps for myself??" Simply visit my online shop and follow the ordering instructions in the description:

 Cape Cod Wedding Guest Book Map from Concertina Press

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