Sunday, July 8

Colorful Wedding Invitations - June 2012

Just a few bright and colorful invites I've been working on lately! 

The first ones with the bird and the trees might look familiar - they're based on my sister's wedding invitations. Jenna from SewSavoirFaire specially requested them after seeing them on my blog. (Check out more photos on her blog!)

The second ones are a variation of my Scripty wedding invitations and are also a special order - the bride is a merchandise display person at H&M - very appropriate!
Finally the third picture show the invites all wrapped up in a lovely woodsy paper! I do love wrapping up things :)


  1. :) I love seeing these! They make me smile every time! The other invites are gorgeous too! The script is so pretty.


  2. Ooh, love the bird and tree ones!


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