Wednesday, June 15

My Sister's Wedding! The Assembly Line -

Ready to assemble! the full suite is shown on the lower left, the invite envelopes aren't shown.

If you saw my previous posts, you'll know that my sister Martha is getting married this Saturday the 18th! In the week leading up to it I've been showing off her save the dates and  super neat invitations.

Assembly line! Of course to put all of these great invites together, we had to have an assembly line, so Martha paid me a visit all the way from sunny California to help me assemble everything! 

We lined everything up, as you can see above - I stuffed the invite envelope while my sister put the RSVPs with their envelopes and the little enclosure cards, and stuffed those into the invite envelope. Then we had stamping and sealing to do! I have to admit I'm secretly glad that it's the bride's job to have to stamp & seal that many envelopes cause it's a little boring - but then, they might think the same about layering 100 invites, but I like it.

I wanted to go nuts on the invites because there were "only" fifty (I'm pretty used to making 100-150 invitations at a time) and I wanted to do something really cute. Her request was to have it be woodsy themed - a definite departure from my usual nautical style (but a welcome one!). She wanted an invite, RSVP card and I suggested an additional enclosure card suggesting people visit her wedding website.

They came out great! Thanks Martha!

Pink heart enclosure cards - all cut out by hand by me and Martha!
I used a tinyurl for the address, which was a free wedding website from

Martha is thinking "Can we please hurry up so I can get my Dunkin Donuts fix??"
There aren't any DD's in Cali, so I was using it as an incentive to finish all the invites, lol


  1. I am IN LOVE with the theme of the invites! So eye day in never never land when I get married...I would LOVE something like this!

  2. lol, Jenna, The wedding was just as cute as the invites, too, I'll be posting some pics soon! Thanks for the compliments! I can't decide whether to offer this in my shop or not, my sister says it's fine, but they were pretty intensive - check out my most recent post on them to see up close details!


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