Thursday, June 28

Beware the glamour of the internet!

I came across this great quote when I was spending last night "interneting forever" by scrolling through the entire "humans of new york" tumblr - an awesome collection of street photographs, in and around New York City. The photographer, in one of his tumblr posts, asked his audience to give their favorite pieces of advice, and this was one of them.

I think that with the slick polish of the internet, it's a little too easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're not good enough, or that folks online have it all together and meanwhile it's 11 am, you haven't showered, and you're eating chocolate for "breakfast" (oh wait, that's me this morning). In fact, we all have real lives that involve doing dishes, paying for health insurance, buying groceries and all the other mundane stuff that makes up day to day.

The takeaway message for you is, don't become discouraged into inaction! Keep doing your thing! In the eternally inspiring words of Andrew W.K. :

When you're down on your luck
You gotta do it
'Cos you can't get enough
You gotta do it
You never give up (NO!)
You got to do it
Gotta do all the stuff that you love


  1. Love this Ruth! You're so right! PS...I had chocolate for lunch! xo christine

  2. True true! When I get a nice blog post up, I always think about how wonderful cropping is. Just zoom in on that beautiful bowl of cherries and never mind the pile of junk mail to the left or the half finished necklace to the right ;)

    p.s. Yesterday I skipped breakfast and had doritos and ice cream for lunch. It was a sad day ;)

    1. hahaha! definitely - I feel like my studio desk GROWS clutter, like one of those shitake mushroom logs


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