Thursday, June 21

A Serious Post - About Some Serious Chocolate

Lagusta's Lucious is my new favorite chocolate source - if only it were close by! In the meantime I have to satisfy myself with mail order to enjoy beautifully dipped, perfectly tempered vegan dark chocolate truffles.

"Vegan? Blegh!" you say? Well fine, then give them to me because you don't know what you're missing out on. Coconut butter! Coconut Milk! Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate! yuuummmmmmmmm - feast your eyes on these various lovely boxes I've indulged in over the past few months.

The Boozy Box - Kaluha, Port Walnut, Coconut Rum & Double Chocolate - Lagusta's Lucious
Four Grain Burbon Caramel Chile Bar - Lagusta's Lucious
Vandana Shivas - Dark Chocolate Chile and Cinnamon - Lagusta's Lucious

Chocolate Strawberry-Almond Creams - Lagusta's Lucious
Lagusta's Lucious Website | Lagusta's Lucious Facebook

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