Sunday, July 15

Nautical Wedding Invitations - July 2012

More orders going out - This time my Waves Invitations, Navy Compass Wedding Invitations and Tying the Knot Save the Dates. They all look wonderful!

 Waves Wedding Invitations - Concertina Press
Navy Compass Wedding Invitations - Concertina Press
Tying the Knot Save the Dates - Concertina Press

The waves wedding invitations I did there at the top have slight variation on the original, with pale blue envelopes instead of white, since they opted to go without the liners. I think they came out beautifully and went to a couple getting married in New York.
The Navy Compass invitations are a nautical wedding classic, and went to a couple in Alaska.
The tying the knot save the dates are a variation on my original design that used pale blue envelopes and a pale blue rope - these have a navy blue and white rope in a square knot, and navy blue envelopes for a wedding in Hingham, Massachusetts.

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