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Interview with FriedaSophie, Jeweler

Spirit Quartz Druzy Gold Dipped Necklace - FriedaSophie

FriedaSophie makes gorgeous jewelry out of, among other things, mineral gemstones. I first saw her shop in the etsy forums, but I fell in love with her gold-dipped jewelry. It reminds me of my rock collecting days, when I'd ask for geodes for my birthday as a kid, and I still love them! Read on for an interview:

Tell us about your (somewhat) unusual name:

I named my store after my 2 grandmothers who were fashion designers, writers, hat makers and jewelry collectors. I started out as a painter in my childhood, switched to sewing when I was 11 years old, was a band manager and ran a music club with friends back in Europe in my teenage years, studied Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine at the same time and moved to San Francisco where I now work as a Jewelry Designer.

Gray Opal Druzy Earrings 14k Gold - FriedaSophie

I am particularly drawn to your mineral gemstone jewelry - is there anything in particular that you saw or thought of that inspired the stunning combination of gems and liquid gold?

I get inspired by each mineral stone itself, they have such a uniqueness and one of a kind beauty. I like to keep them as natural as possible
without encasing them in too much of a setting which is why the gold dipping
works so well, it will still show most of the stone.

Midnight Sunstone Gold Necklace - FriedaSophie

What is your favorite piece from your current collection?

I have 2 favorite pieces right now:
the midnight blue sunstone necklace
the blue spirit quartz gold dipped necklace
I just love the stone's sparkle

When do you do your best work; morning, day, or night?

I work in stages: in the mornings I answer customer emails and handle the shipping, mid day I do some commercial and work on sketches for new piece and in the eve I make my jewelry orders.

You can find FriedaSophie on the web:!/friedasophie

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