Thursday, October 13

New Nautical Wedding Invitation Designs from Concertina Press: Seahorses and Coral

Here they are! Two new nautical wedding invitation designs coming soon to my Concertina Press Etsy Shop. I've been working all morning on them, and you can see how they're inspired by one another.

The first is a lovely colorful coral reef, with a tiny little seahorse showing up on the RSVP to say hi - that one is paired with colorful aqua envelopes. The next is a shy seahorse, peeking out from his seafloor home. The seahorse RSVP features red coral.

I'm excited about my new designs - I wish I could photograph them but all we're getting is rainy drizzle today, and for the next few days - none of the much-needed sunshine.

What sea creatures do you think would look neat on an invitation? I'm open to suggestion!


  1. These are lovely! Sea horses are one of my favorites. There are certain species of Jelly Fish that are stunning (pun intended ;) ) and look very ethereal.

  2. you do beautiful work! I personally love eels -- when there are two or more together they actually look very companionable, and like they're singing! I love oarfish too (if you haven't heard of them, see :)


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