Saturday, July 14

10 Aquarium Wedding Invitation Sets Beautifully Illustrated For Your Wedding Under the Sea

If you're looking for a one of a kind wedding or wedding reception venue, look no further than the Aquarium! Many large coastal cities have aquariums (for example Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Florida Aquarium, Scripps Aquarium, and North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll), and many of them have event spaces that can be rented out so that you and your guests can celebrate under the sea. The advantages to such a cool venue are many - your guests will be entertained by the fish and sea life swimming around them, you get some awesome photos to take home, and every time you go visit for a nostalgic walk down memory lane you'll also get to go aquarium! Not to mention that your venue fees will help support important scientific research and conservation, and this is all often for a similar price to a non-aquarium wedding venue.

 Here are ten beautifully illustrated nautical wedding invitation sets that I think you'll find set the perfect tone for your wedding or event at the aquarium:Octopus Wedding Invitation Set - wedding ceremony and reception in an aquarium

Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations with Coral RSVP cards - having reception at an aquarium

Red Coral Reef Wedding Invitation set  with Scallop Shell RSVP and Clownfish Website Cards

Shark Wedding Invitation Set with Red Coral RSVP cards - getting married at an aquarium

Blue Octopus Wedding Invitation Set - wedding at the aquarium

Jellyfish Wedding Invitation Set with RSVPs - wedding at the aquarium

Seahorse Wedding Invitation Set with Starfish RSVP cards - Aquarium Wedding Ideas

Coral Reef Wedding Invitation Set  with seahorse RSVP and Squid information cards

Pink Jellyfish Wedding Invitation Set with Sea Urchin RSVP card - Aquarium Wedding Inspiration

Curious about how I got my start while working in one of the premier scientific research libraries for Marine Biology? read all about Concertina Press here.

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