Tuesday, February 12

Free Printable Valentines - Nautical Puns!

Free Printable Valentines - Funny nautical valentines from Concertina Press

Ok friends! I hope you like puns because these Valentines are pretty punny! These are fun and best of all FREE print-your-own valentines for kids and adults alike.

"Happy Valentine's Day - Hugs and Fishes!"
"I'm glad you're a friend, not anemone! - Happy Valentine's Day"
"You otter be my Valentine!"
"I have an urchin message for you: Happy Valentine's Day!"

You're welcome to print as many as you like and give them out like crazy on Valentines Day, but please do not sell them, claim them as your own or remove my web address from the design. You are more than welcome to share them with your friends online - especially through Pinterest and Facebook!

Directions for downloading your free printable valentines:

1. Click here to download the free printable valentines PDF file
2. You can either print it directly from Google docs, or download it to your computer
3. click "Print"and make sure that "scaling" is turned off, or that "do not scale" is selected - this keeps the design from shrinking on the page
4. Print on white cardstock at a high quality setting for best results

- if your printer is cutting off the edges because the margins are too narrow, try clicking "Scale to fit" or "Scale to fit page" in the print menu - you may have to trim the edges
- You can change the print settings to be high quality - for cardstock look for settings like "best print" "high quality" or "premium presentation paper matte"

To see more of my designs including nautical thank you notes and beach wedding invitations visit www.concertinapress.com

Looking for something a little spicier?

Naughty Nautical Love Notes


  1. Thank you Ruth for the free valentines printables just in time.


  2. me and my 6year old were looking for valentines and he saw your mail on my computer and said those are the ones i like ! he giggled the whole time while writing them to his school;mates


  3. Anonymous11:51

    These are adorable! Just shared them on Pinterest as well.


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