Wednesday, February 13

DIY Printable Naughty Nautical Valentines

Naughty Nautical Love Notes


They're here! Naughty nautical love notes for your special someone who also happens to like awful puns! For the low, low price of $4.99 you get a printable sheet of EIGHT spicy Valentines designs that you can print on your own computer over and over again!  
Please note you are buying a file that you print yourself, not pre-printed cards.


"Do I tern you on?"
"Hey there good lookin'"
"Let's Shuck"
"Let's Cuttle"
"Ocean Sailors get blown offshore"
"It's wet down there"
"Who wants to go for a ride?"
"I'm stuck on you"

Clicking on "buy now" will take you to a screen where you'll be able to see a preview of the full printable sheet before you buy, and a link for you to pay via paypal. After payment you'll be able to instantly download your file! A link will also be sent to your email address. Easy as pie!

Naughty nautical love notes for personal use only (adult valentines perhaps?) please do not attempt to sell them, claim them as your own or remove my (tiny, almost invisible) web address from the cards!


 Looking for something more G-rated?

Free Printable Valentines - Nautical Puns

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