Sunday, October 1

The Perfect Squid Invitations For Your Aquarium Wedding

Squid Aquarium Wedding Invitations from Concertina Press
If you're thinking about having your wedding or wedding reception at the aquarium you'll want to let your guests know what an awesome and unusual event they're about to enjoy! These squid wedding invitations are the perfect way to let everyone know that they should put on their goggles and fasten their flippers as you dive into the beautiful pool of matrimony.

Or just look at some really cool shark tanks.

Each set includes a Squid invitation, a seaweed RSVP and matching pale aqua envelopes for both. These invitations are also great graduation announcements or birthday party invitations for an under the sea themed event. If you'd like to know more, visit the listing on my website: Squid Wedding Invitations , or contact me with questions.
Aquarium Wedding Invitations featuring Squid Illustrations from Concertina Press
Wedding Invitations for Scuba Divers from Concertina Press - Squid


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