Monday, February 27

Flying Fish Wedding Invitations For Your Destination Wedding To Barbados

Flying Fish Boho Beach Wedding Invitations from Concertina Press

If you're taking the leap together, celebrate in style with these lovely Flying Fish Wedding Invitations - or should I say taking the plunge? Although they look totally imaginary, flying fish are real! They don't "fly" in the same way that birds do, by flapping their wings - instead they propel themselves out of the water at a high speed and spread their "wings" (actually front fins) open to glide. In Japan in 2008 a film crew recorded a fish gliding for over 45 seconds! That's a long time to hold your breath! They can travel up to 43 miles an hour doing their swimming glides.

These flying fish invitations are great for any beach wedding, but they would be perfect for your destination wedding in Barbados! While Flying Fish are found in oceans all over the world, Barbados is known as "the land of the flying fish" and the fish is found on their one dollar coin.
Flying Fish Wedding Invitation and RSVP set from Concertina Press

Look at how beautiful the white sandy beaches are in Barbados, along with the turquoise blue water - they would be a great backdrop for your boho wedding on the beach. Many hotels in Barbados offer wedding package deals for destination weddings. If you're interested in ordering Flying Fish wedding invitations for your beach wedding or destination wedding, you can click here to order a sample or put down a deposit.
Boho Beach Wedding Invitations with Flying Fish from Concertina Press
Flying fish RSVP cards from Concertina Press

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