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Cape Cod Wedding Invitations for a Wedding at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster

Cape Cod Wedding Invitation from Concertina Press
I designed these Cape Cod Wedding Invitations to be beautiful, timeless, and classic, in a navy blue and white color scheme (other colors also available). Not everyone knows what Cape Cod looks like though, so I digitally restored a beautiful 125 year old antique map of the iconic arm-shaped peninsula  and you can put a little heart over the town where you're getting married. This is especially helpful to your guests who might not realize that "Cape Cod" isn't just a town, but is an entire county with many small towns.

These Cape Cod Wedding invitations feature an antique map of the Cape, an optional guest information card (great if you're having  a weekend of events like Friday welcome party and Sunday Brunch) and a very flexible RSVP card. I can accommodate all kinds of RSVP customizations including lines for each attendee, a line for "number of guests", rehearsal dinner RSVPs or anything else. The wording pictured above is fun nautical wording but you can also stick with the more traditional "accepts with pleasure" or "declines with regret".
Nobska Lighthouse Falmouth MA
Cape Cod is a beautiful place to be married, and I would know because I was married in Falmouth! My husband and I were married on 7-7-7 and enjoyed a beautiful beachside ceremony at The Knob. We lived on the Cape year round for 7 years - now we live in Florida near my parents, but we love to go back to the Cape to visit! I also love working with couples getting married on Cape Cod because it  is so close to my heart and brings back so many good memories.
The Knob Falmouth MA
This little outcropping of rock called "The Knob" is a hidden gem in Falmouth - a lovely place to walk your dog or take a little hike out to see the sunset.
Cape Cod Wedding Invites from Concertina Press with Events Card

Cape Cod Wedding Weekend Events Card for Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster
Cape Cod Wedding Invitations for a Wedding at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster
If you're interested in ordering these Cape Cod wedding invitations for your wedding, you can visit my website or my etsy shop to quickly see prices and options:

(either one works fine for me! visit my Etsy shop to see lots of up-to-date reviews)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! - Ruth


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