Friday, October 28

Funny Narwhal Christmas Cards

Funny Narwhal Christmas Cards from Concertina Press
Looking for some adorable nautical Christmas cards to send to friends and family this holiday season? Look no further - you can "Deck the Narwhals with boughs of holly" this winter with my Narwhal Christmas Cards.

They are available as individual cards and also in packs of 8 at a reduced price. They're great for anyone who loves a good pun (or maybe anyone who claims to hate them but secretly loves know who you are!) They're printed on a lovely, lightly textured "linen" cardstock with beautiful vivid color - I get them printed locally here in Florida and the paper and envelopes are made in the USA, too!

I created this design using the same 200 year old narwhal illustration featured in my Narwhal Notecards:
...only this time, he's bringing holiday cheer with a holly wreath!

Did you know that a narwhal's tusk, which can grow up to NINE FEET LONG, are thought to be a sensory organ that helps the male narwhal sense chemical and physical changes to the water they live in? The tusk is actually a front left tooth!
"The narwhal is the only example documented where teeth are shown to have the ability to constantly sense environmental stimuli that would not necessarily be considered a threat," he said.
"If you were looking for an ideal and fascinating tooth to study there's no question this would be it." - BBC Nature - Narwhal's Tusk is Super Sensitive
It also happens to be perfect for delivering a beautiful holly wreath!
Narwhal Christmas Card from Concertina Press

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