Friday, July 29

Tropical Fish and Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations

Parrotfish tropical wedding invitations from Concertina Press
I recently learned to scuba dive, and it was just as amazing as I imagined it would be underwater! A little scary at first, but I was quickly distracted by all the amazing fish and coral on the sea floor - and so inspired to create new nautical wedding invitations for Concertina Press - here's me diving around a shipwreck:
Florida is a popular breeding ground for sea turtles, and in my beachside community we use special light shades on the street lights closest to the beach so the baby turtles won't be confused when they hatch, mistaking the streetlights for the moon, and crawling in the wrong direction. We also have a 24 hour rescue hotline for sea turtle standings!

These Sea Turtle wedding invitations are the perfect fit for your beachside wedding, and they have red coral RSVPs, and optional sea star information cards. 

Sea Turtle Beach Wedding Invitations from Concertina Press
packaging with gold and white striped tissue paper and tropical fish postcard from Concertina Press


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