Wednesday, August 19

Florida Beach Wedding Invitation inspiration: Seahorses, Auger Shells and Sea Turtles

Florida Beach Wedding Seahorse Invitations by Concertina Press
Since moving to Florida in 2013, my nautical wedding invitations have taken a turn for the tropical! I designed these seahorse wedding invitations to reflect the bright and cheerful aqua, coral and pink colors I see on a daily basis (people here love painting their houses colors that would make the historical society in Cape Cod freak out). You can learn more about how I made the seahorse invitations from another post I wrote : Seahorse Wedding Invitations made from Antique Scientific Illustrations
Florida Beach Wedding Seashell invitations in purple by Concertina Press
Shortly after moving to Florida, I had a special request from a bride getting married in Sarasota for a purple seashell themed wedding invite - my spiral seashell wedding invitation was the perfect fit, especially paired with purple envelopes and purple font for the names.
Florida Aquarium Wedding Invitations with Sea Turtles by Concertina Press

Another Florida bride was married at the Tampa Bay Aquarium and picked these beautiful aqua sea turtle wedding invitations. So far I'm loving Florida and I'm excited to see what new an colorful tropical invites I'll come up with next!
Winter in Florida
(obligatory beach selfie - you can tell it's "winter" because I'm wearing pants to the beach while all those tourists are going swimming in the background)

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