Monday, February 23

Watercolor Beach Wedding Invitations for Florida Weddings

Watercolor Beach Wedding Invitations from Concertina Press
 You can purchase a sample of these in my shop: Calm Sea Watercolor Beach Wedding Invitations

I love the ocean, and while most poeple think of crashing waves and bright sun, the shore has all kinds of "moods" and one of my favorite is when the water is a flat calm and you can see for miles! I did a watercolor painting to capture the scene and used it to make these lovely watercolor wedding invitations, perfect for a beach wedding.
aqua wedding invitation envelopes and textured gray paper is a pretty color pairing for a beach wedding
 cocoa beach wedding invitation by Concertina Press 
In a funny coincidence, I created these Cocoa Beach wedding invitations for a couple almost a year before moving to Cocoa Beach myself!

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