Tuesday, February 24

Funny Birthday Card for Coastal New Englanders

you can buy this card online here: Quahog Birthday Card

Happy birthday to you and all of your wicked awesome New Englandah friends!

Ok, to someone who has no idea how to pronounce "quahog" the awesomeness of this card may escape you - "a clam birthday? quay-hog? cow-hog?" in fact, this word is pronounced "co-hog" and it's a tasty clam. Can't wait to go quahogging this summer!

This 5"x7" birthday card has a lovely quahog on the front, along with the words "Happy Birthday - Quahog wild!". Inside it says "If you don't get this, you're probably not from New England". There's plenty of room for your own message, too, like "I went to the Cape and all I got you was this Cod".

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