Thursday, March 6

Purple Seashell Wedding Invitations

Purple Seashell Wedding invitations - Concertina Press

The seashell invitations pictured above are my spiral shell wedding invitations paired with purple envelopes and purple text to match - a simple but stunning variation on the original design.

It's been nearly a year since I moved down to Florida from Cape Cod! The weather is pretty down here, the people are friendly (although, there are also some really..."colorful" types down here too) and the sunsets are unbeatably beautiful. Speaking of "colorful", many things are brighter down here - as one of my friends commented "the condos are the color of ice cream" - lots of coral, pink, purple, teal, orange and yellow brightening things up. 

I have to wonder if it's because the sunsets are that much more vibrant because of the humidity. Check out this purple wintertime sunset:

Purple and Orange Florida Sunset

I definitely find that it's influencing my work! I want to develop a mint green invite, maybe with an interesting jellyfish...

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