Wednesday, February 19

Waves Lined Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Printed invitation liner in waves pattern - Concertina Press
The lined envelopes on my Waves beach wedding invitations are very eye catching, and are one of my favorite parts of the invitation. You might be curious where I got the liner from, and the answer is, I make them myself! 

The first step is printing out the design at a high resolution setting on my fancy Canon printer (above). The next step, not shown, is to cut all of the liners down to size. After that, I apply a double sided adhesive to the top of each liner, and insert them into the envelopes. 

Lining wedding invitation envelopes with waves pattern - Concertina Press
Fully Lined Beach Wedding Invitation Envelopes by Concertina Press
Unlike some liners, mine extend all the way down into the bottom of the envelope (as shown in the last picture) giving a really nice look and thickness to the invitation envelope. 

As you can imagine, it's very time consuming - an order of 100 invitations usually takes 3-4 hours to line, including the printing, cutting, taping and folding, but I think it's definitely worth it for the lovely look and feel of the finished invitation. You can see for yourself - if you're interested in waves wedding invitations for your beach wedding, you can purchase a sample on my website, or contact me for a quote .

Waves lined wedding invitation envelopes by Concertina Press

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