Wednesday, June 13

Jellyfish Themed Wedding & Wedding Cake

One of my customers who chose my Floating Jellyfish Wedding Invitations for her wedding this spring sent me photos of her stunning jellyfish themed reception, including an amazing jellyfish wedding cake!

Jellyfish Wedding Cake Beach Wedding Cake
Jellyfish Wedding Cake by The Little Cake Shop
Hanging Jellyfish Decorations
Hanging jellyfish beach wedding decor
Jellyfish Wedding Table Setting
Jellyfish Wedding Invitations
Jellyfish Wedding Invitation - Concertina Press

Photos: Alan Anderson
Cake: The Little Cake Shop - Spanish Fort, AL
Table Styling: Patty Fishbein
Invitation: Floating Jellyfish Invite - Concertina Press


  1. Beautiful cake table, and lovely invitations! The invitations went so perfectly with the theme!

    1. Thanks! Yes I was thrilled when she sent me the photos :)


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