Saturday, June 2

I Went to a Wedding on a Roller Coaster!

A few weeks ago I went to the most fun wedding I've ever been to! Two friends, Paul and Meredith, owners of a really cool gallery in Lawrence, Kansas called Wonder Fair got married on a roller coaster!

Check out their awesome custom designed roller coaster themed letterpressed invites, and read more about the wedding below.

awesome photo by Mark Harpring
Paul and Meredith said their vows on the platform as everyone stood by in fancy wedding clothes, then boarded the Ravine Flyer II at Lake Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania. They exchanged rings inlaid with Elder wood, the significance of which won't be lost on Harry Potter fans - especially meaningful to them as they met when Paul and his brother Joe were touring with their band Harry and the Potters.

The reception featured a live band headed by Paul's brother Joe that played the entire set from the dance in Back to the Future, and Earth Angel was their first dance as a married couple. Food was provided by an awesome food truck that had driven from Cleveland, and instead of wedding cake they had 24 pies of all varieties!

But, onwards to their awesome custom letterpress invitation suite designed and printed by their friends in Kansas in navy blue, spring green and kraft brown, with an original silkscreen print in every invite:

Rollercoaster wedding invitation Jeff McKee and Inkello Letterpress LandLand
fun RSVP card Jeff McKee and Inkello Letterpress
Theme stamps for a wedding invitation

Rollercoaster screenprint Dan Black at LandLand
fun RSVP Card Jeff McKee and Inkello Letterpress

Design: Jeff McKee, friend of the bride and groom
Printing: next-door-neighbor Christy of Inkello letterpress
Rollercoaster Screenprints: Dan Black at LandLand
Crying Pony and Kool Aid man: by Meredith who comments "this was my best crying pony illustration ever. We giggled about it for hours."

The theme of Paul and Meredith's wedding was "Be Excellent to Each Other" and I'm sure they will be :)

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