Tuesday, October 28

Octopus Wedding Invitations

Octopus Wedding Invitations in Green and Peach by Concertina Press
 Octopus wedding invitations are fun and different for beach weddings (let's hope you don't see any on the beach!) and if you're having a wedding at an aquarium it fits the ambiance perfectly!
I did the variation you see above for Cassandra and Christopher's peach and green wedding - I changed the color of the text to be more green instead of aqua, and the envelopes were a lovely pale blush pink with shimmer. Perfect for their November California Wedding.

Below are my very popular navy Octopus wedding invitations - I've also done them in black and white. If you're interested in octopus wedding invitations for your wedding, visit my website to purchase samples or contact me!

Navy Octopus Wedding Invitations by Concertina Press

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