Wednesday, January 24

Whale You Be My Valentine - a Cute Valentine's Day Card for Whale Lovers

 This cute Whale Valentine is perfect for anyone who loves a good pun, or anyone who loves whales! Or anyone who loves YOU!

I designed it from a 200 year old scientific illustration which you can see below - the original had a few big differences that made it not-so-cute for a Valentine. Namely...whale...ummmm private parts...and also where's the whale's eye?! I restored the image in photoshop and made a few edits. Then I added checkboxes to the inside that say "Yes" "No" and "Moby" (get "maybe"...but "moby" like the famous whale?)

You can buy this whale Valentine online here:

Funny Whale Valentine made from an antique science illustration by Concertina Press

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