Saturday, June 4

Jellyfish Save the Dates and Jellyfish Wedding Invitations

These Jellyfish wedding invitations were just right for Meg & Robert's Outer Banks wedding in North Carolina, and also for Crystal & Eric's seaside wedding waaaaaaaay out in Hawaii, practically on the other side of the world! When you're having a destination wedding it's always a great idea to send out save the dates 1 year to 6 months in advance of your invitation, that way your guests will block out your wedding date on the calendar and have time to make wedding plans. If you're interested in purchasing either of these jellyfish invitations for your wedding, you can do so on my website, and of course you can always contact me if you have questions!
Jellyfish wedding invitations for a beach wedding in Hawaii
Haeckel jellyfish wedding invitations by Concertina Press

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