Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year 2015 from Concertina Press

Happy New Year! So many things happened for Concertina Press in 2014, so many things that I didn't document at all! Hoping that will change this year because I'm planning on doing a blog post a day for the year. Seems kind of overwhelming, so I think I'll try a post a day for January, and then see how sustainable that is.

Another plan I have in particular for Concertina Press is to develop some new wedding invitation designs!  One thing that's been holding me back with that is I have so many different ideas whirling around that it's hard to pin down just one. I think I'll try dedicating a whole week to working on one new invitation design, start to finish - "finished" being photographed and listed for sale in my shop.
Etsy views seem low these days so I'm hoping a combination of new items and re-listing old ones will get views back up.

Here were some nice things that happened in 2014:

1) 2 Offbeat Bride features
2) Featured in Well Wed magazine
3) reached 10,000 Pinterest followers (on Dec 25th!)
4) Was published in "the Little Book of Handmade Books" by Charlotte Rivers
5) got an instagram account
6) best year in sales yet!

I'm sure I'll think of more, but in the meantime, hope everyone has a great holiday!

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