Tuesday, December 10

Unique Gift Wrap Ideas: Maps and Nautical Charts

gift wrap idea with a map and bakers twine from Concertina Press
nautical chart gift wrap idea with simple yarn bow from Concertina Press

map wrapping paper idea with striped twine from Concertina Press

presents wrapped in nautical charts with striped twine bows from Concertina Press
The holidays are coming up, and with that comes one of my favorite things - gift wrapping! But what if you don't have any wrapping paper? Well, maps and nautical charts make excellent gift wrap, and are sometimes even easier to use than regular wrapping paper because they don't tear as easily, and they crease nicely. Use regular clear tape to seal, or get creative and use patterned washi tape. Tie off with a simple yarn bow or get fancy with a striped baker's twine bow. If you're searching for nautical charts your best bet might be ebay if you live inland, or ask someone you know who has a boat if they have any old ones you can have.

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