Saturday, December 21

Holy Ship it's Your Birthday - funny birthday card for sailors and boaters

Funny birthday card for fishermen, boaters and sailors by Concertina Press

This "Holy Ship, It's Your Birthday!" card *is awesome for the sailors, boaters and fishermen (and women!) in your life - inside it says "I bet you thought I'd forgotten a-boat it" - haha!
One of my friends (who is in a Harry Potter themed rock band) came up with the idea, and the pun while we were taking a walk through the woods. I've told my friends, "If you come up for an idea for a card, and I use it and it does well, you'll get that card free for life!".

This Holy Ship Birthday card is a surefire winner though, and is a big seller in the shops that carry my greeting card and stationery line (see the link on right "can I buy cards locally?"). Below you can see a stack of cards ready to ship to Cape Cod! If you don't live in coastal New England, and you need  a card, never fear! I sell them in my online nautical stationery shop.

*the link is to my online shop, where you can purchase your very own very perfectly punny nautical Birthday card

Birthday Card for Sailors and Boaters by Concertina Press

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