Saturday, May 26

Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations - How They're Made

Looking at the original scientific plates below, you'd never think that the sea turtles pictured could ever be the same ones featured on my Sea Turtle wedding invitations, but they are!

Using my computer, I digitally restored the old, yellowed sea turtles and I created these lovely beach wedding invitations from them! They are perfect for a beach wedding - here in Florida during sea turtle nesting season everyone does their part to turn off outside lights, and the street lights are shielded so that the baby turtles will be able to follow the moonlight into the ocean.

 You can purchase these sea turtle invitations in my online shop or on etsy. You're welcome to contact me if you have any questions! I'm happy to modify colors to fit your wedding.
Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations from Concertina Press

Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations for Florida Wedding from Concertina Press
Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations for Florida Beach Wedding from Concertina Press
Green Turtle Wedding Invitations for Florida Aquarium Wedding

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  1. Wow! That's amazing. I have absolutely no clue how you got those beautifully detailed turtles out of those dark plates.


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