Saturday, March 3

Tide Pool Wedding Invitations

Not all beaches are sandy! I created my Tide Pool wedding invitations with the rocky shores of the Pacific coastline in mind. Many animals like sea stars, crabs, limpets, barnacles and snails live in the intertidal zone between the high and low tide line. Many of them, like sea snails, have both gills and lungs so that they can breath out of the water and in the water - pretty neat!

Take a look at the original French scientific plate - I've cropped it, but it also used to share the page with a great big hippopotamus:

I paired it with one of my favorite script fonts in green for an all natural nautical wedding invitation that celebrates the diversity of beaches around the world. It's printed on lovely off white, lightly textured bamboo cardstock. The 30% recycled envelopes are from the totally awesome US made French Paper company that uses all hydro-electric power. You can purchase a sample in my wedding invitation online shop or in my etsy store.

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