Friday, March 23

Interview with Julie of The Social Seam - Bridal Clutch Designer

The Elle Jane Clutch in Ivory Silk - The Social Seam

I first saw Julie from The Social Seam's work when I joined the Etsy Wedding Team where her Tiffany Blue Bridal Clutch immediately caught my eye! I love the novelty of her clutches with their big bow handles - they look like a gorgeous present! I remember I got a great 80's dress with a massive bow on it at the thrift store for a party in college, and I ended up hiding my wallet inside of one of one of the bow loops - too bad I didn't have a lovely clutch like one of these. Julie was kind enough to answer a few questions about her shop:

How did you get started sewing? What led you to the bridal scene?
I started sewing at age 8 in my mom's sewing room where she helped with the cutting. Then there was the junior high home ec class and some sewing as a young banker after college. But I really got serious about it 15 years ago and took lots of classes on dressmaking. I had a custom sewing business out of my home for 10 years, then switched to making things that I liked and opening an Etsy shop. Working for a bridal shop lead me to sewing silk and satin clutches.

The Elle Jane Clutch - Black and White Striped Clutch - The Social Seam

What types of things should a bride stash in her clutch, just in case?
Brides can stash their cell phone, tissues and lipstick in their clutch and have it handy at the reception so that mom doesn't have to carry their stuff.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
I'm a night owl and usually kick into gear about 4 pm.

The Kimberly Clutch - Aqua Blue and Cherry Red - The Social Seam

What are your three favorite pieces right now in your etsy shop?

My three favorite pieces in my shop are:
The Elle Jane clutch in ivory silk dupioni. Every time I make one I fall in love all over again. It's just so beautiful! It's named after a mom, Jane, and her daughter, Elle (pronounced Ellie)

The Kimberly Clutch in aqua blue and cherry red. What a fun combination of colors! I especially like the photo, as my model has on a red dress and has her nails painted red, it just came together perfectly. Kim is my sister in law.

Again, Elle Jane clutch in black satin. I love how the big bow dangles from her wrist. I envision this clutch walking the red carpet someday.

Finally, What does your ideal Saturday (or day off) look like?

Ah, the ideal Saturday! Well for starters I'd sleep late (the night owl thing), drink lots of coffee while being on the laptop, gym, gardening, sewing, grilling, talking to my kids, watching college sports (M - I - Z) and ending up with Saturday Night Live.

The Norma Clutch - Latte Silk clutch with bow handle - The Social Seam

Thanks so much Julie! I just love these clutches - You can find Julie's bridal clutches and other lovely wedding accessories like bowties for sale on the web at her etsy shop,The Social Seam , and you can also follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.


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