Sunday, January 15

New Nautical Wedding Invitations!

I just got back from a lovely two week vacation to Florida, where most of my extended family lives. I love the ocean, and the shore there is a lot different than the New England beaches I'm used to. LOTS of sand, interesting shorebirds, jellyfish (including Portugese Man O'Wars - yikes!) and colorful shells. 

We went to one beach where every object in the sand that I assumed was a rock was actually a shell! I found a beautiful little conch shell that I kept for my dashboard shell collection. Needless to say it I've been coming up with lots of new nautical wedding invitation designs ever since. You can see them in my newly upgraded Concertina Press website.


  1. I especially love the spiral seashell set. The colors are gorgeous!

  2. lovely! the sea turtles are brilliant :)


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