Monday, July 4

Free Antique Moth Clipart - Part 2

Happy 4th of July! Here's a present for you!

If you haven't already seen it here, last month I released a page of free moth clipart, and promised you a few more pages! Well here's one of European butterflies, and I've already cut out the cute little catterpillar above, click on him to get a full size 300 dpi image that you can save to your computer (after clicking on him, right click and select "save image as" or drag it to your desktop). He'd be perfect for a little notecard.

I didn't cut out the rest, so you'll have to do that using photoshop magic, OR simply print out the entire sheet (I like to print using my printer's "best" setting, or "presentation paper matte" setting, on regular paper - you'll see what a difference it makes) and cut them out for collage or notecards. Watch out if you're glueing them though, because if you use an inkjet to print them they'll probably smear. They'll smear less if you let the page dry overnight.

You're welcome to link to it on your blog or facebook or wherever - I'd love a link back if you do. follow my blog to see the other plates I have, that I'll be posting soon!

to download: click on the image above, then right click on the full sized image
and select "save image as" or drag and drop it to your desktop.

Here are all of the other moth names typed out for your enjoyment.

1. Birkenspanner (Geometra Papilionaria)
2. Zierspanner (Acidalia Decorata)
3. Purpurstrich (Pellonia Vibicaria)
4. Stachelbeerspanner (Abraxas Grossulariata)
4.a. Raupe (caterpillar)
5. Ulmenspanner (A. Sylvata)
6. Randspanner (A. Marginata)
7. Fliederspanner (Pericallia Syringaria)
8. Geissblattspanner (Crocallis Elinguaria)
9. Pflaumenspanner (Angerona Prunaria)
10. Holunderspanner (Urapteryx Sambucaria)
11. Zitronen-spanner (Rumia Luteolata)
12. Fleckenspanner (Venilia Macularia)

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  1. Found you through your Etsy Success comment and really enjoyed my visit. The colors are so vibrant in these vintage images ~ lovely! And your work is simply fabulous!


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