Tuesday, May 12

Jellyfish Wedding Invitations for a wedding in Kauai Hawaii

Haeckel Jellyfish Nautical Wedding Invitations by Concertina Press
These jellyfish wedding invitations were the perfect match for this couple's beach wedding in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii at the Hanalei Bay Resort (note to self: definitely want to visit!) Usually this invitation comes with just a RSVP card and aqua envelopes, but we added in an extra info card about the reception and with a link to the couple's website. 

Aqua Jellyfish Invitations for a beach wedding made from 200 year old marine biology illustrations
The original illustrations were drawn by famous German naturalist Ernst Haeckel, and are now in the public domain (out of copyright). I used to work in the science library at an oceanographic institute for marine biologists, which is where I first saw these gorgeous illustrations and thought "I definitely have to make wedding invitations with these!" (probably not many people think that when looking at jellyfish, haha - but they're so beautiful.)
If you're interested in Jellyfish wedding invitations for your beach wedding, check out my website for samples, or contact me for a quote!

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