Saturday, March 18

Cape Cod Guest Book Alternative with Map - Now in Bigger Sizes!

Alternative Cape Cod Guest Book Poster from Concertina Press
I've been thrilled at the response I'm getting on my Cape Cod Alternative Guest Book Poster! The thing I love about it is that it's so nice to walk by a piece of beautiful framed art in your house and look at all the loving messages written by your friends and family. If you're having a bad day, how could it not get better after reading the sweet messages left by grandma, or your best friend. Plus, you can customize it with a little heart over the town where you're getting married! These posters make a great Cape Cod wedding gift for couples getting, too.

When I first unveiled the design I only offered an 11"x14" size, but in response to requests from couples getting married all over the cape I now offer larger sizes of 16"x20" and 18"x24". You can get a relative sense of the size in this mockup below:
Cape Cod Alternative Guestbook Sizes
Here's where you can find it in my shop: Cape Cod Alternative Guest Book Poster

I have these recommendations for what size to order:

11x14 - up to 100 guests
16x20 - 100-200 guests
18x24 - 200-300 guests (contact me for larger sizes)

Not all of your guests will sign the picture (usually only one member of a couple or family will, for instance) so the best thing might be to pick the size that will look best in your house, if you're having a hard time choosing between two sizes.

I used to work as a Custom Framer, and so as a result I made sure to pick common poster frame sizes so you can have some options when it comes to framing (custom framing isn't cheap! framing a poster this size would cost $XXX) and you can hopefully find an off-the shelf frame that will look great. Here are some nice ones I found on Amazon, if you don't live near a craft store that carries larger frames:

Another great way to upgrade your finished poster is to buy a higher-quality sheet of glass (I actually recommend Acrylic for 16"x20" and larger, which looks like glass but won't shatter if you drop it) for $30-$50 at your local frame shop (they'll probably try to talk you into custom framing...) or online. Look for glass or acrylic that "blocks UV rays".

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