Friday, March 6

Mermaid Wedding Invitation

Mermaid Wedding invitation by Concertina Press with original mermaid illustration by Sarah Ryan

I'm so excited to unveil this gorgeous mermaid wedding invitation, a special collaboration between me and Sarah Ryan from SarahDrawsThings - I first saw this gorgeous mermaid drawing on her blog, where she posted some really cool preliminary drawings. I wrote and asked her permission to license the illustration for use in my own work, and was glad that she was as excited about the project as I was!

This mermaid wedding invitation would be perfect for a beach wedding, but I was also thinking it would be a pretty birthday party invitation for a sweet 16 or anyone who loves the ocean. If you're interested in ordering these, you can purchase a preprinted sample on my website: Mermaid Wedding Invitation, or contact me for a quote.

You can purchase an archival print of Sirena the Mermaid from Sarah's Etsy shop here.

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