Sunday, November 3

tropical fish wedding invitations and lots of cool stamps

Tropical Fish Wedding Invitations by Concertina Press

I totally forgot daylight savings time today! It's nice because it means I get an extra bonus hour to write a blog post. These tropical fish wedding invitations are a lot of fun, and very colorful. So far they've been popular with brides having destination weddings in Hawaii! 

When my grandpa passed away I inherited all of his more recent non-valuable stamps - he must have loved commemorative stamps as a carryover from collecting stamps as a boy, because he had so MANY different kinds of .32 stamps, it's kept  me from having to buy new postage for months!

What to do if you don't have a stamp-collecting grandpa? Just search for unused postage stamps on ebay and you'll find tons of options - usually right at face value, sometimes for less than face value if you get a bunch. As long as a stamp hasn't been cancelled by the post office (with a stamp) then it's still valid postage, and you can combine stamps to make up the correct postage on your packages and letters.

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