Wednesday, June 5

Cuttlefish Save the Dates, Cuttlefish Wedding Invitations and Cuttlefish Thank You Cards - oh my!

Three fun wedding products from Concertina Press featuring antique scientific illustrations of cuttlefish (although they could probably also pass for squid on these illustrations) - from top to bottom: Cuttlefish Save the Dates, Cuttlefish Wedding Invitations, and Cuttlefish Thank You Notes. Get in touch if you are interested in any of these for your nautical, destination or aquarium wedding! After the photos: more fun facts about cuttlefish!

Cuttlefish Save the Date by Concertina Press

Cuttlefish Wedding Invitation by Concertina Press

Cuttlefish Thank You Notes by Concertina Press

Did you know that cuttlefish hunt with their feeding tentacles in a way that's very similar to how a chameleon lizard uses it's tongue? Normally the feeding tentacles are hidden away behind the cuttlefish's eight arms, but when a tantalizing fish comes by, the cuttlefish snaps it up in the blink of an eye.

Image Source: The Encyclopedia of Science: Cephalopod

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