Thursday, June 27

3 Useful Beach Wedding Favors - Seahorse Soap, Candy Rocks and Chocolate Seahorses

Beach Wedding Favor - soap wrapped in pretty paper with custom seahorse favor tag
Beach Wedding Favor - Candy Rock Pail DIY
Beach Wedding Favor - Chocolate Seahorses in Custom Boxes
Here are three great ideas for wedding favors that people won't immediately throw away (or, more realistcally, leave sitting on an end table for several months until they decide that it's ok to toss them out). These favors will get used up or eaten (hopefully not eaten in the case of the soap!) and everyone wins!  Best of all, all three of these are pretty DIY, or at least will inspire you to create your own pretty paper-wrapped soap, bucket of candy rocks or custom boxes of chocolate seahorses. Links below to the original sources:

Custom soap wedding favor in coral and Navy - Mr. Boddington's Studio
Candy Beach Rocks in tiny pails on trays of sugar sand - Martha Stewart
Chocolate Seahorses in custom made boxes -

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