Tuesday, August 21

The perks of doing custom design work for your local NPR station!

If you listen to NPR you might be familiar with the cool science show Radiolab hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich - if you aren't familiar I recommend downloading some podcasts! (I recently listened to Death Mask about the origins of the CPR dummy you might have practiced on - spooky!)

Anyway Jad gave a talk and I was asked to make the flyer. Yay! I love NPR. I got to attend the talk and it was really great - Jad talked about the difficulties in making science understandable to the general population, without dumbing it down and messing up the actual science behind the message, as well as the odd gray area between language and music - which, if you listen to the show you'll see that they love to play with.

Apparently it was pretty popular around town - enough that people kept stealing them haha. I was lucky to get my own autographed copy :)

Click "read more" if you want to see the other versions of the poster I created!

As you can see, the version we ended up working with was Version 1 - taking out some of the extra stuff and moving some things around to end up with the final. We'd also hoped to print it on a kraft paper (like a paper bag type paper) but our local printer didn't have any in stock in 11"x17", so we went with a cream cover stock. I think they came out great.

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