Wednesday, March 14

Quoteworthy: It's Better to be an Optimist...

I think everyone who is an entrepreneur of some kind, whether you have a craft shop on etsy or a small business, has to be somewhat optimistic of their chances of succeeding.

I'm a reformed pessimist myself, reformed because it seemed to me that folks who spent all of their time imagining the worst of people and situations were often a) no fun to be around and b) right, in some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy!

Here's to looking at the bright side of things, and a celebration of a brand new font I just bought for Concertina Press called Carolyna Pro Black designed by Emily Conners - lovely!


  1. I am always happier when I'm hopeful :)

    Congratulations on your new purchase - that is a beautiful font.

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to make some lovely wedding invites with it! (And more quoteable quotes!)


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