Thursday, July 28

More tiny envelopes, this time from my cousin!

My cousin Sarah, a graduate of FIT in New York is getting married this April and I'm helping her with Save The Dates, and they're going to be epic!

Here are some envelopes she made this weekend to figure out what size would be best for the A2 sized cards we'll be making. So cute!


  1. Forget the right size, these are too cute in graduated sizes the way you've pictured them. Makes me want to make some just for cutesy!

  2. What a great color envelope!

  3. I know, Sarah is super talented and I can't wait for our crazy save the dates to be made - the one she's holding is the one that's going to be on the card, holding a bunting that has the date of the wedding on it, for people to hang on their fridge.


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