Sunday, June 5

They're here! Baby Shower invites for your non-cheesy shower

Ok let me tell you a secret - I hate baby showers - It's not the expecting mom I hate, or the fact that she's having a baby - it's more that I dread the games like "guess how fat mom's giant belly is" and "guess what mystery substance is on this diaper (it's CHOCOLATE!)" and "guess how the baby was conceived"(ok I haven't played that one...yet...)

Anyway, so when I open up an invitation and I see a cutesy baby shower invite, I admit I cringe a bit (now I probably won't be getting any, right??)

 BUT. Imagine this: a gathering of friends & family sitting down to laugh, talk and enjoy cupcakes - gifts are awesome, but they aren't the focus, you're not subjected to any games and it's a relaxing and enjoyable time, maybe outdoors on a warm sunny deck with birds chirping. That's what I was thinking of when I designed these invites:

Green & Purple Spring Lamb Invites set of 10

Pink Spring Lamb Invites set of 10

Pink Spring Lamb Invites set of 10 

What about you? Do you have a love/hate relationship with baby showers?


  1. Lamb invites, good idea. I am sure there are a lot of people that want to avoid the cutesy invites.

    I love showers, parties, etc., I am very sociable. But, I don't like the game part of these parties either.

  2. Anonymous19:51

    I love the lambs! Adorable, very low-key. I like the idea of the pea pods for baby invites too, it's so... not-babyish but so sweet.

    I don't like baby or bridal showers. I'm much more interested in a relaxed, intimate event with close friends.

    Call me anti-social, it's okay!!! :)


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