Tuesday, October 7

Concertina Press goes to the Florida Aquarium!

I went to the Aquarium this past weekend! One of the brides I'm working with is getting married at the Florida Aquarium next month, and I sent her samples of both Sea Turtle Wedding Invitations and Tropical Fish Wedding invitations and since it was too hard to pick just one, we did BOTH - half the guests got sea turtles in their mailbox and half got tropical fish! I saw lots of neat sea creatures that gave me inspiration for new invitations - the photo above was taken of a pacific tide pool touch tank - I actually go to touch sea anemones, sea cucumbers and sea stars! The sea cucumbers were extremely squishy - wouldn't want to step on one of those. 

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous17:52

    Looks like there are lots of great ideas for future designs. Look forward to seeing the final product.


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